Portsoy, Sandend and Fordyce on Caught by the River


Photo: Sarah Campbell

During August 2015 I visited the Banffshire coastline and did some digging into my ancestry and combined this with a walk around former familial villages and towns. A little ancestral psychogeography if you will. It was published on Caught by the River the same November.

“Portsoy has a picture postcard quality without being truly beautiful. Side streets wind steeply downhill towards two harbours. The first of these was built in the 17th century, the latter in the 18th, as a result of the boom in herring fishing. In this mizzling weather there is a sense of melancholy about the place, as a solitary man tends stoically to his wooden boat. Later on the wind, rain and late-evening gloom combines with the exposed, rocky coastland to create a sense of something greater and more powerful than beauty.”

The full post is available on Caught by the River.