Digital Natives: Phonofile feature on Norwegian Arts


Photo: Zoe Cormier

At the end of 2015 I spoke to Norwegian digital music distributor Phonofile on their expanding operations, opening an office in London and the future of streaming.

“Phonofile is one of just a number of companies that are examples of what has been called Norway’s “digital consumer culture”.  Norway is renowned as one of the world’s leading consumers of digital media, as the results of the 2014 POLARIS Digital Music Survey show.  Even among their high-consuming Nordic neighbours, the Norwegians are ahead. The survey found that 36% of Norwegian music customers say they are willing to pay for music, compared to just 13% of Finns. Norwegians also spend more on digital music (£16.65 per month) than their Scandinavian neighbours.

The reasons for the spread of legal digital music in Norway are down to a combination of factors. There has also been a significant reduction in piracy in this time, with just 4% of Norwegians under 30 still using file-sharing websites for pirated music.”

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