Bedfordshire clanger feature for Munchies


“The Bedfordshire clanger is a curious beast. Originally a staple dish for the county’s many agricultural workers, it is a meal encased in an oblong suet crust: a savoury filling in one end and a sweet in the other. More versatile than the Cornish pasty, the clanger is the humble all-rounder of the pastry world.

Today, the Bedfordshire clanger is no longer widely made. I grew up in the county but didn’t actually hear of one until my twenties. Of my immediate family, who have lived here for generations, only my grandparents have ever eaten one. This is all about to change, though, as I visit the one place that still reliably sells them: Gunns Bakery in Sandy.”

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Future of pub darts in London for Munchies



“The Queen’s Head is a classic East End boozer. Built in the 1830s, it was in this Grade II-listed Limehouse pub that the Queen Mother famously pulled a pint of Young’s. A framed commemorative letter from Clarence House is proudly displayed at the bar. Yet, for all the history, its fate is the uncertainty familiar to many of London’s pubs.”

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